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Head of the laboratory is PhD in Physics and Mathematics Anton Yu. Egorov


Laboratory of Nanoelectronics

The laboratory conducts research aimed at the development of semiconductor and nanoheterostructure technologies and building elements for nano- and optoelectronics. Mainly, it focuses on breakthrough quantum effects manifested at the turn to nanodimensional elements of devices. Quantum effects, and, in particular, quantum-mechanical tunnelling is sensitive to the change of heterostructure dimensions to the precision of a monolayer. On the base of the installations located in the clean room of the St Petersburg Academic University, which is also fitted up with processing equipment necessary for complete production of devices, the staff of the laboratory carries out work in the following areas:

  • Research, development and production of heterostructures for ultrahigh-speed integrated circuit using resonant tunnelling effect in semiconductor nanoheterostructures;
  • Research and development of technology of production of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL) for telecommunication systems, conjugated with fast-speed electronic integrated circuits of information processing;
  • Research into the processes of charge transfer in semiconductor heterostructures with tunnel-coupled quantum wells and the building elements for energy dependent memory;
  • Research and development of nanoheterostructures for high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) grown on pseudomorphic and metamorphic GaAs and InP substrates;
  • Modelling of electron structure and kinetic processes in semiconductor nanoheterostructures and devices, including first principle calculations based on the density functional method.

Image of a channel region of a high-speed heterobipolar transistor obtained by atomic-force microscope Image of a channel region of a high-speed heterobipolar transistor with a gate electrode obtained by scanning electron microscope SUPRA25

The laboratory has developed a technology of monolithic integration of normally open and normally closed field-effect transistors based on semiconductor nanoheterostructures, which allows realization of complex monolithic microwave-band integrated circuits connecting multifunctional analogue devices and digital control circuits. Together with the Ioffe Institute they are developing constructions and production techniques for VCSEL 980 nm matrixes with the radiation coupling through the paddling.

Structure of a matrix laser emitter chip Photograph of laser matrix

Research and development is carried out in close cooperation with the institutes of the Academy of Sciences: Ioffe Institute, Lebedev Physical Institute, Institute of Semiconductor Physics of the Siberian branch of the RAS; enterprises and companies: research and development enterprises “Istok” and “Pulsar”, joint stock company “Sitronics”; Minsk Research Institute of Radiomaterials; technical universities: St Petersburg State Polytechnical University, St Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, Moscow State Institute of Electronic Technology.