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Nanotechnology Centre

The main task of the Nanotechnology Centre is research, pilot technological and design effort in various fields of modern science.

Today Nanotechnology Centre incorporates five laboratories:

  • the laboratory of nanoelectronics;
  • the laboratory of physics of nanostructures;
  • the laboratory of renewable energy sources;
  • the laboratory of nanophotonics;
  • the laboratory of bionanotechnologies.

Research and development is carried out in the clean rooms laboratory. It was launched in spring 2007, and its area totals 820 square meters.

The division has at its disposal state-of-the-art epitaxial growth reactors, ensuring atomic precision in the process of heterostructure growth. They include a semi-industrial molecular beam epitaxy system MBE 49 with batch wafer load made by Riber company (France), which is the only such system in Russia today, and a research molecular beam epitaxy system VEECO GEN III with twelve material sources.